Web Design

Hier geht es zu meiner Webdesign-Hauptseite.

Kontaktieren Sie mich für ein kostenloses und unverbindliches Informationsgespräch zum Thema Ihre persönliche Webseite. – Contact me for a free consultation without obligation about your personal website.

I design, maintain, reorganise, and modernise web pages. Apart from the one you are visiting right now, a few of my recent creations are:




The web page of my research group in theoretical hadron physics can be found at
It is built with wordpress and a nice mix of static and post-type content.

I maintain a physics profile for myself, built with wordpress as well, but in a clean, simple design and information-based at

In 2015, a colleague and I organized a topical theoretical-physics workshop, whose web page includes, e.g., a registration form with a participant data base in the background.
For an earlier edition of the same workshop series, I wrote the web page myself in php:

Even earlier, I created a similar webpage for the renowned annual Schladming Winter School on Theoretical Physics, my most recent of which is located at:
It included a self-written set of conference-administration tools and was used for many years.

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