I am a veteran Squash spectator, i.e., I have been watching matches of this impressive sport for almost 20 years. Nevertheless, I have played less than ten hours of Squash actively in my entire life. A shame, actually, but nobody’s perfect, I guess.

I did, however, take part in the world-wide match of “Team Squash” (including myself) vs. “Team 2020” on World Squash Day, October 20th, 2012. At the event organized by the Union Squash Club 2000 Graz, I lost my match 8-20, but had a lot of fun and gained about 30 % of my life’s match-experience.

To keep up with recent developments in the world of squash I use twitter a lot and I also maintain two public twitter lists with regard to squash: Squash, a list on “Squash on Twitter. For more categorized lists, see e.g. @SquashSite“, and SquashLists, “a list of twitterers who maintain squash-related twitter-lists”.