My professional activities are rooted in science. At least, that’s what I like to believe.

I have many years of experience in dealing with funding acquisition via several successful scientific grant proposals I have written as well as from my professional activities as an independent consultant in the areas of scientific funding- and project management. In the majority of cases I subsequently was the project leader of the scientific projects carried out with the funding from these applications. The individual grants had volumes from a few thousand € to a few hundred thousand €, coming from different funding agencies and with timescales from a few months up to over three years.

From this pool of experience I offer support in the planning, writing, and optimizing scientific grant applications on a scale well-suited to a client’s particular request or situation. Please don’t hesitate to contact me for more information and possibilities.

Another trade I picked up as a scientist is close contact to the WWW – keep in mind that the web was “born” at one of today’s most famous scientific institutions, CERN. I was involved in web-site development and can assist with modern content-management systems (such as wordpress, also used for this site) or with very specific and individual web-site concepts taylored to your needs. Again, it is easiest to get in touch with me via the contact form for more information and possibilities.

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